Surfing: Male’ Atolls

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Surf’s Up in Male’ Atolls : A Thrilling Expedition with Maldives Explorer

Join us on an extraordinary Surfing adventure with Maldives Explorer for 8 Days and 7 Nights, where every moment is curated to offer a unique blend of relaxation and excitement. Experience the adrenaline of riding the waves on Maldives Explorer’s Surfing Expedition, featuring iconic surf spots like Thulusdhoo (Cokes), famous for its powerful surf, and relish extended rides at Jailbreaks, a favorite among surfers seeking impressive swells. Experience the unique challenge of waves at Honky’s and the exhilarating surf at Sultans, making each ride a thrilling adventure.

Beyond the surf, out trip inclusions promise an extraordinary journey where every moment is curated to offer a unique blend of relaxation and excitement. From the serene Sandbanks Retreat, inviting you to unwind amidst turquoise vistas, to the immersive Local Islands Discovery, providing a glimpse into Maldivian culture, our trip inclusions promise a transformative experience. Indulge in a Private Island BBQ Delight, savoring culinary delights in a secluded paradise, and partake in the timeless Maldivian tradition of Night Fishing Journey under the moonlit sky. As Nature’s Water Play unfolds, revel in non-motorized water sports activities, adding a touch of thrill to your tranquil island escape.

Maldives Explorer ensures a carefully crafted odyssey, blending relaxation and excitement at every turn, creating unforgettable moments that linger long after the journey concludes.

Unveiling the Journey: Trip Inclusions

Sandbanks Retreat: Indulge in leisurely strolls, sunbathing, or savor breathtaking views of turquoise waters surrounding these natural wonders. Maldives Explorer offers an exclusive experience, letting you unwind in the lap of nature.

Local Islands Discovery: Immerse yourself in the soul of Maldivian culture with Maldives Explorer’s Journey through Local Islands. Get an authentic taste of island life in Male’ Atoll by partaking in cultural exchanges and experiencing the warmth of local hospitality.

Private Island BBQ Delight: Relish a culinary feast on a secluded island’s shores with Maldives Explorer’s BBQ Lunch or Dinner. Enjoy freshly grilled seafood and local delicacies for an unforgettable dining experience surrounded by nature.

Night Fishing Journey: Experience the thrill of catching local fish species in the tranquil waters of Male’ Atoll during Maldives Explorer’s Night Fishing Trip. Under the moonlit sky, partake in this timeless Maldivian tradition.

Nature’s Water Play: Uncover Nature’s Water Play with Maldives Explorer, where non-motorized water sports activities await. Enjoy the simplicity and thrill of banana rides and water slides, adding a touch of excitement to your tranquil island escape.

Malé atoll surfing route

Malé atoll surfing route

Riding the Waves: Highlights of the Surfing Expedition

Thulusdhoo (Cokes): Known for powerful waves, Thulusdhoo, or Cokes, is a famous surf spot, attracting surfers with its challenging and exciting conditions.

Renowned for its long and consistent waves, Jailbreaks is a favorite among surfers seeking extended rides and impressive swells.

Surf Highlights: Honky’s

Offering a unique surfing environment, Honky’s is known for its challenging waves, attracting experienced surfers looking for a thrilling ride.

Surf Highlights: Sultans

Sultans is celebrated for its powerful and consistent waves, providing surfers with an exhilarating experience and long rides.

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