Cruise and Snorkel: Vaavu & Ari Atolls

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Beyond Boundaries: Dual Atoll Exploration with Maldives Explorer

Embark on an unparalleled 8 Days and 7 Nights exploration with Maldives Explorer, unveiling the treasures of both Ari Atoll and Vaavu Atoll, providing our clients with the best of Central Maldives.

Our carefully curated trip inclusions set the stage for an unparalleled adventure spanning two mesmerizing atolls. The Sandbanks Retreat offers a serene escape. Additionally, our Local Islands Discovery allows the guests to be immersed Maldivian Culture fostering authentic connections and genuine encounters in both Vaavu and Ari Atolls. The Private Island BBQ Delight elevates dining to an extraordinary experience, bringing culinary feasts to secluded shores amid the natural beauty of two distinct atolls. Participate Night Fishing Journeys, casting lines under the moonlit sky, offering a unique perspective of the marine wonders beneath. Nature’s Water Play adds a thrilling dimension, presenting non-motorized water sports activities, enhancing your island escape with excitement and adventure.

As you set sail with us, you will experience the treasures of both Ari Atoll and Vaavu Atoll. Delve into Vaavu Atoll’s turquoise waters, discovering Fotteyo Kandu’s unbroken barrier reef and Miyaru Kandu’s (Shark Point) protected marine reserves. Uncover Keyodhoo Shipwreck, a partially submerged relic in the turquoise lagoon. Next, venture into Ari Atoll, and immerse yourself in the underwater wonders of Fish Head, a premier dive site featuring grey reef sharks amid intricate caves and rock formations. Experience southern bliss at Whale Shark Point, where the southern tip invites you to snorkel with gentle whale sharks. Lastly, snorkel into the magic of Madi Faru & Manta Point, encountering mantas and giant napoleon wrasse in vibrant coral landscape

Navigating Paradise: Exceptional Offerings of Maldives Explorer

Our exclusive experiences ensure a remarkable and multifaceted exploration of Vaavu and Ari Atolls, making your journey with Maldives Explorer truly unforgettable.

  • Sandbanks Retreat

Relax with leisurely strolls and sunbathing, enjoying breathtaking views in this exclusive natural setting.

  • Local Islands Discovery

Immerse in Maldivian culture, experiencing authentic island life, cultural exchanges, and warm hospitality found in Ari Atoll and Vaavu Atoll.

  • Private Island BBQ Delight

Savor a culinary feast on a secluded island, relishing BBQ Lunch or Dinner with freshly grilled seafood and local delicacies.

  • Night Fishing Journey

Enjoy the thrill of catching local fish during the Night Fishing Trip in Vaavu Atoll/Ari Atoll serene waters under the moonlit sky.

  • Nature’s Water Play

Experience non-motorized water sports activities at Nature’s Water Play, featuring banana rides and water slides for an exciting island escape.

Shark feeding and observation

Shark feeding and observation


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