Diving: Best of Maldives

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Embark on an unforgettable underwater journey with the Maldives Explorer on the Best of Central Route.

Day 1: Arrival & Check-in

Arrive in Malé and meet the Maldives Explorer crew.

Board the yacht and settle into your chosen cabin.

Welcome briefing and introduction to the Best of Central Route.

*Check Dive to be done depending on the arrival timing

Dive 1: Fish Tank, exploring diverse moray eels and rays.

Dive Highlights: Some of the highlights within this route are the famous dive sites such Fish tank where you can see almost all types of moray eels, giant, leopard, yellow head, sooty head, reticulated moray eels, to name but a few. Also stingrays, black-spotted rays and mangrove rays.

Day 2:  Cruise to South Male’

Dive Highlights: Discover the enchantment of Velassaru Caves, a captivating dive site with intricate cave systems adorned with vibrant corals. Ideal for divers seeking unique formations, this underwater realm offers a mesmerizing journey through hidden chambers, showcasing the beauty of marine life within.

Day 3:  Vaavu Atoll

Dive Highlights: Vaavu Miyaru kandu This channel site is in the northeast of Vaavu atoll. This site is more suited to advanced divers as you can encounter strong currents. When there is less current, the dive site can also be for less experienced divers.Miyaru Kandu – “Shark Channel“ gets its name from the sharks that can be spotted in the middle of the channel.

Day 4:  Cross to South Ari Atoll

Dive Highlights: South Ari Kuda Rah Thila, a stunning underwater pinnacle just minutes away from the island of Kuda Rah. This dive site has been declared a protected marine area. The dive site is better for Advanced certified divers and those who are experienced with a bit of current. Nitrox is recommended. Large schools of bluestripe snapper hang out on the top of this thila, creating a sea of yellow and blue, schools of fusilier, and batfish are also nearby. Possibilities of grey reef sharks.

 Day 5: Cruising through North Ari Atoll

Dive Highlights: Moofushi Manta Point offers a fantastic manta ray experience from December to April, with additional sightings of white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, and more. Fish Head Thila, once famous for its grey reef shark population, presents challenges with currents, rewarding divers with diverse marine life.Hafsa Thila, also known as Angotti, stands out for its stationary grey reef sharks, making it a popular spot for night dives with encounters of giant trevally and white tip sharks. The deep pinnacles around Hafsa Thila reveal a mesmerizing underwater world with abundant glass fish and the presence of grey reef sharks. Dive enthusiasts can anticipate a thrilling and diverse underwater adventure in the North Ari Atoll, with each site offering unique marine encounters.

Many channels in Maldives are rich in marine life

Many channels in Maldives are rich in marine life

Day 6: Rasdhoo Madivaru Corner

Dive Highlights: Rasdhoo Madivaru Corner, this dive site starts as a wall dive and leads into the channel, here you can enter the channel to enjoy a deeper dive or stay on the drop off point of the channel where you can enjoy all the fish life in the current.

With the right current here you can encounter a whole array of fish in one place, from a shiver of grey reef and white tip reef sharks, to schools of tuna and jack, napoleon, and eagle rays.

Day 7: Return to Male’ and Departure

Last Swim at the beach before departure.

Return to Malé and disembark from The Maldives Explorer.

Farewell and transfer to Malé International Airport for departure.

Note: Itinerary may be adjusted based on weather conditions, guest preferences, and other factors to ensure the best diving experience. Non-diving activities and island visits can be incorporated as desired.

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